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Leading the personalization of food nutrition to prevent onset of diseases.

Mynomx focuses on preventing onset and progression of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders using food as medicine through personalized nutrition designed to each person’s unique metabolism, health, and genetics.

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People with underlying conditions of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, inflammation, and obesity have higher risk of Covid 19 complications and mortality.

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Mynomx offers a personalized nutrition platform designed to drive metabolic balance and strengthen the immune system of individuals, ensuring the health of our communities.

Intervention Program
Targeted for High Risk Groups



Highest mortality for people with cardiovascular diseases.


No1 cause of death and the largest cost burden.


108M have it and 1/4 do not have it under control.


86M are prediabetic or at risk of developing it.


Increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Chronic inflammation is central to heart disease and diabetes.

Personalized nutrition to change health outcomes

Scientifically Validated
2.8M Patients

Mynomx risk predictions have been validated with the highest levels of accuracy across 2.8M patient populations in conjunction with leading institutions.
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The Solution for Disease Prevention

Integrating the Ecosystem


Population Risk Stratification

For health, insurance, and wellness companies, Mynomx predictive analytics offers the most accurate prediction and stratification of the at-risk population for cardiometabolic disorder.


Health Assessment Reports

For testing and diagnostic companies, Mynomx advanced omics can fully or partially integrate the latest in precision medicine: polygenetics, metabolomics and microbiome to offer a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s current state of health.


AI Food Personalization

For food retail and delivery companies, Mynomx combines deep cardiometabolic expertise and personalization of food science in an AI platform to deliver food guidelines, recommendations, and shopping experience tailored to individual preference.

AI Food Personalization

Mynomx AI offers personalization across all aspects of an individual’s food interaction from meal planning to shopping. Starting with a nutrition plan, food scoring presents best and worst foods, in basket analytics and recommendations deepen the shopping experience, notifications and monitoring support guideline recommendations to deepen engagement.
Nutrition Plan
Meal Recommendations
Food Scoring
Shopping Basket Analytics
Health Monitoring
Our Outcomes approach to food Personalization is designed to drive metabolic balance, immune system health, weight loss, and increased energy.

Based On Scientific Foundations

Cardiometabolic Expertise

Mynomx is built from the ground up on a foundation of precision medicine and extensive evidence-based cardiovascular knowledge.

Integrative Omics

Mynomx has pioneered the integration of leading indicators of health risk including clinical, genetics, metabolomics and microbiome.

Food Personalization Science

Mynomx has built the largest database of food to nutrient and health relationships at the molecular level, including whole foods, branded packaged foods, and meals.

AI Analytics

Mynomx is the most advanced AI analytic platform that presents a complete picture of an individual’s cardio and metabolic health risks and personalizes a food intervention plan.

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